The GDPR Compliance is Coming into Play - are you ready for it?

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    Personal data plays a big role in day to day business operations. With the expansion of the world wide web and its capabilities, security is a topic of interest for all business owners across the globe.


    On May 25th, 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will establish a new framework for handling and protecting the personal data of European Based residents. 


    To sum up this new regulation, we have put together everything you need to know to keep your business compliant and running securely.


    The Basics of GDPR:


    First, let’s go through a brief background of GDPR and exactly what it is.


    The main goal of GDPR is to bring data privacy laws across Europe up to speed with the rapid technological changes that have occurred over the last two decades.


    Your first thought to this may be that you’re not a European resident, so there’s no need to learn more about GDPR. Wrong! The new GDPR regulation will affect any business who offers goods or services to, or monitors the behaviour of EU data subjects. Which means, if you do business with EU, you need to get GDPR ready.


    What does the GDPR mean for you and your company?


    The regulation is basically requiring you to show your hand of cards.


    In other words, your company will need to reveal exactly what information is being shared amongst users. This could be personal data such as, name, photo, email address, bank details, social networking websites, medical information, computer IP address etc.


    This doesn’t mean that the common practice of data sharing amongst networks and sites becomes extinct. It just means that the user who shares his/her information will now know exactly how their information will be used.


    How to respond to the GDPR


    The GDPR is set to come in to play on May 25th of this year. It is absolutely essential that your business is GDPR ready well in advance.


    To get GDPR ready, we suggest that you assess your business’s readiness for the GDPR by conducting a security audit and educating yourself and your employees on the new regulations. Update your privacy policy, and coordinate a plan of action with your IT team.


    The sooner you’re ready, the better! 


    From GDPR to data storage - the benefits of storing your data in Canada


    With all this GDPR talk, it’s important to also assess where your data is stored. Is it safe? What are the data and privacy laws that resides in the country where your data lives? The looming question over everyone’s head is; “is my data safer in Canada or the United States of America?”


    It’s simple, the Canadian government has strict privacy laws, compared to our American friends across the boarder. Since the United States implemented The Patriot Act, more and more businesses are looking to Canada to safe guard their most precious data.


    Basically, The Patriot Act gives the US Government the power to look at data stored on servers, with or without permission. The Canadian government, on the other hand, prevents this kind of behavior. Your data stays secure and private.

    Giving Canada the custody of your data also gives it a nice safe home. The Canadian data center maintains a top electrical grid, keeping your data cool in an A+ facility.


    We commit to stay compliant


    We agree that it is critical that people have control and clarity over how their data is used and protected within their business. It is equally important for organizations to provide clear guidelines to protect personal data and ensure that data is kept in a safe home.


    Magentrix is 100% committed to our customers’ success, including compliance with GDPR. Find out how we will be complying with GDPR. We wish you the best of luck with your privacy changes!


    We would love to hear what steps you’re taking to get your business GDPR ready before May 25th. Let us know in the comments!


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