Series: Collaborative Partner Relationship Management - Getting More From The Basics (1 of 3)

    So, you’ve made the leap into a collaborative, contextual Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Community. Everything is set up and running like clockwork - you find yourself spending less and less time on boring admin tasks and more time planning your channel program’s global domination. Great! Now what?

    The Magentrix platform contains powerful PRM tools for you and your channel partners. There are a few features that Magentrix uses on a daily basis to help illustrate just how easily you can start a digital transformation in your partner program. Strengthen your team and increase your channel sales with the right tools; collaboration, engagement, and productivity.


    Using Partner Community News Feeds

    Collaboration in the Partner Portal

    Are irrelevant, long or confusing threads keeping your channel partners from following up and closing in on new leads? Avoid leads going cold by keeping them out of what we like to call the “email freezer”.

    Magentrix Social Collaboration features help reduce email volume and prevent information silos as you share information horizontally in your partner community. With News Feeds, you can share conversations, files, notes, and polls in a sidebar within the context of a record.


    Trying to communicate with partners on a new deal, but can’t locate it in the midst of everything else you’re juggling? With Magentrix News Feeds, you can also easily keep track of pretty much anything; by following the record or subject. When you follow a subject or record in your News Feed, you will be notified of any activity in real time. In other words, if someone shares a document? You’ll know. Someone asks a question? You’ll know. Someone posts a link to a cute animal video that is somehow related to the deal? You’ll know!


    News Feeds enable you to keep track of your leads, opportunities or deals by keeping them organized and accessible. If you only need an update on specific activity on a record, you can set notifications to only alert you when you are mentioned in a post.


    Using Groups to Share Files and Make Announcements

    PRM tools - Announcements & Secure File Sharing

    Have you ever missed an important announcement due to an overzealous spam folder? Or have you ever sent the wrong document to the wrong person?


    You can use Magentrix Groups to ensure your important announcements are not missed while connecting with your partners. Within a group you can share files, make announcements, and create polls to get quick feedback from relevant users.


    Groups also make partner management an easier job to handle. By communicating with your partners in a secure space, you can ensure that all partners are up to date on any news, announcement, training materials, etc. you may send out.  


    Here’s an example: Use an internal employee group to make company-wide announcements. Then discuss IT issues with your support team in another, finally, share potential opportunities with only your gold level partners in another. Groups make sharing the right information with the right people easy and collaborative. Group members will be able to comment, like and engage with the content you are posting depending on their security roles.


    Integrated Lead Registration

    Integrated Lead Registration in PRM system

    Your channel partner has just registered a new lead - great! Now start the clock because everyone knows opportunities are time sensitive. Your channel manager hasn’t been notified yet and you’re wasting time manually inputting details into your CRM.


    Magentrix Lead Registration is integrated and synced with your CRM data to quickly move your business forward. No more record cleanup - once you approve a lead, it will be automatically converted into an opportunity - including all the required details your partners already invested time inputting while prospecting. Also, creating follow up tasks for your internal team or the partner itself is just a few clicks - just like that, you have an integrated, collaborative, contextual game plan to execute. Your win rates are being nurtured at every level of the funnel with our PRM community.


    Come back soon for part 2 in our series on Collaborative PRM. We’ll be looking at little deeper into the out-of-the-box features and optimizations that your team can use to make the most out of your Partner Community.


    One of the best parts of Magentrix Communities is their flexibility to support unique business processes. We learn how your company does business then mold our solution to not only support but streamline and sharpen how people communicate, interact and engage with each other and your data. Book a Demo today to see it in action.



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