Salesforce Communities Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Alternative

    PRM Software for Channel Partner Management - An Alternative to Salesforce Communities

    Becoming a market leader through channel sales partners requires a flexible and powerful system to manage all facets of dealing with your partners. One of the best known PRM applications is the Salesforce Communities Partner Relationship Management. But, depending on your requirements, which probably include price, functionality, and flexibility, it's in your best interest to look at all the options available.

    If you have all your business data configured in Salesforce CRM, and you’ve decided to implement a fully integrated solution that extends Salesforce CRM to support a collaborative partner relationship management community, proven alternatives exist. Solutions that will allow you to effectively manage and advance selling through channel partners.

    The best way to proceed is to articulate your objectives and requirements with respect to sales enablement, sales process management, and partner performance management. Then, you’ll have a better idea regarding channel partner onboarding, training and certification, lead and opportunity management, joint business planning and marketing development funds (MDF) management.


    Wanted: An Advanced, Easy to Use Partner Relationship Management Solution


    Imagine, your internal channel team and partners working together on the same data, files, or content. No more information silos, repetitive manual data entry, and endless email threads. Using a collaborative partner relationship management community - all this and more is possible. How?

    With the Magentrix PRM platform the choice is easy. This solution is a full-featured, cost-effective partner relationship management solution and everything you need for end-to-end sales channel partner management. Magentrix has been listed on the Salesforce AppExchange with multiple reviews with an average of a 5-star rating. (AppExchange is the Salesforce store, which lists enterprise solutions that extend Salesforce with business apps and components for various departments and industries, including sales, marketing, customer service, and more).

    The Magentrix PRM (a peek inside)

    Magentrix PRM increases channel partner engagement, makes it easier to collaborate, communicate and access information needed for growth. This results in more closed deals and growing revenues.

    Here a some of highlights of the Magentrix PRM:

    1. Customize Your Partner Experience

    Powered by a seamless integration with any Object in Salesforce CRM, layouts and business processes are easily customized with visual tools, without restrictive templates or complex coding. With the rapid deployment of pre-configured modules and processes, you can launch in days and not months. From lead registration and opportunity management to onboarding, training, sales enablement and support, you can be effectively collaborating with your channel partners in no time in a Magentrix PRM community.

    2. Partner Enablement: One Application, One Login


    Using a built-in fully integrated learning management system (LMS) your partners are trained and certified hassle-free with one login and one application. At the same time, you can easily access insights into Partner status (training, performance, engagement) with a 360-degree view of all the partner’s activities. Your team is in touch with your partners at every step of the sales cycle with familiar collaboration tools (activity feeds, account comments, liking, and live chat) so they can communicate on any device without relying on endless and confusing email threads.

    3. Whatever They Need to Seal The Deal: Marketing Playbook

    Your channel sales partners need to be able to identify and quickly respond to different sales situations, be productive, self-sufficient and get results.

    The Magentrix Sales Playbook module is a powerful sales enablement solution. It allows you to easily make a variety of marketing and sales information and strategies available to your channel partners.  

    What is a Playbook?

    A Playbook is a collection of marketing and sales assets that can be used during the sales process to close deals.

    Usually, the compilation of a playbook could be a time-consuming activity but the Magentrix playbook module make this an effortless process.


    4. Amplify Brand Recognition: Co-branded Collateral

    When your partners can readily co-brand your marketing collateral, brand awareness and recognition is amplified. Your channel partner’s brand equity can be leveraged in markets where you need to develop your brand awareness.

    Magentrix partner relationship management platform lets users to quickly and easily co-brand marketing assets.

    5. Simple Solution. Powerful Results: Marketplace


    Develop and grow your company’s ecosystem. Increase sales, brand loyalty, brand retention, and your customer’s experience by making it easier for them to access products and services built around your brand.

    A Marketplace will attract partner companies to leverage your brand to sell their products. It operates as a powerful lead generation tool. Partners can sell goods targeted at your customers, who may be looking for enhancements to your products.

    Your Marketplace will attract innovation and creativity without any burden on your resources. Realize increased revenue with minimal expenses. So, you can maintain the focus on your core products, and let a community of external providers boost your brand loyalty, retention, and profits.

    With the Magentrix Marketplace solution you can focus on supporting and building your sales partner channel and we’ll provide the best in class technology to support your partner marketplace.


    6. Extend Your CRM With A Partner Community


    With custom themes to match your brand voice and flexible Content Management to easily create and distribute compelling communications (knowledge bases, announcements, and more), your partners will feel like the Partner Community is a secure extension of your existing site and have confidence it is filled with up to date and useful information.


    Are You Looking for a Proven, Dependable PRM Solution?


    The Magentrix partner relationship management solution is an integrated collaboration community solution powered by the data from your Salesforce CRM is the answer to your sales channel management challenges. Magentrix PRM Community gives you insight into your partners’ activity, enables your team to support your partners easily, and securely share access to the resources your partners need to effectively represent your brand and products with expertise and confidence.


    Want to know more?  Contact us today - we've got answers so you can make a knowledgeable and strategic business decision regarding the future of your channel sales partner program.


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