Introducing the Magentrix Document Viewer!

    Every organization’s goal is to speed up collaboration and communication… but how can you achieve that if you’re still emailing files back and forth? In today’s ultra-connected world, you want your employees to be able to review information and incorporate it into presentations and reports as quickly as possible, as well as being able to collaborate online rather than wasting time with email or downloads.

    Thankfully, the Magentrix Document Viewer offers an easy solution! Rather than having to download files, your team can now view them directly within their browser. Since it’s fully mobile-optimized, employees can view and browse documents on the go and remote workers can access files on any device.


    Plus, it’s fully integrated with other social collaboration features in your portal, meaning that employees can follow documents they’re interested in and comment on them as well as being able to "favorite" or "like" comments posted by other users and even tag each other. It’s never been easier to collaborate and find comments later for easy reference. The unbeatable combination of document viewing and social collaboration will make your employees’ productivity skyrocket!

    As an administrator, your life will also be made easier. As with any Magentrix module, security is paramount, and only users who have the right level of security will be able to access the file and see comments. Plus, with this feature, administrators can see exactly who has viewed, edited, or downloaded a file, allowing maximum accountability and transparency.

    Interested in trying it out? Let us know!

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