INFOGRAPHIC: Does your business need eLearning?


    No business is exactly the same. That’s why the 'One Size Fits All' solution often comes loose at the seams and inevitably fail, particularly when dealing with employee training. Thankfully, eLearning is highly customizable and caters to each business’s unique needs. Although implementing and adjusting your staff to eLearning is not an overnight process, it may be time to consider it if you’ve answered “yes” for most of these questions. The Magentrix Social e-Learning module allows your business to:

    • Effectively train a wide scope of employees from different business functions

    • Save costs on live training presentations, especially for small businesses

    • Allows you to assign specific courses to employees

    • Monitor training progress and quiz results, and generates reports based on course completion, progress, and performance data

    • Easily create new courses with multimedia content


    The most important reason to consider eLearning? It encourages your employees to pursue continuous improvement and growth as a team. In each step of the way, learning is never an isolated experience - employees can message instructors on course content and training becomes a one-on-one interaction, rather than an impersonal classroom presentation.

    See if eLearning is the next step for evolving your employee training process today!


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