How Social Intranet Helps You Build the Best Team Ever

    You’ve planned your project and found the best people for your team- now it’s time to start working! However, that’s easier said than done. One of your team members is working remotely while she moves, and can’t come into the office. Another has the documents you need… but he’s on vacation. You’re scheduling a lot of meetings, but nothing is getting done.

    Sound familiar? It might be time to move to a Social Intranet! Social Intranets offer a variety of project management and team collaboration tools that can increase team efficiency, reducing the amount of time and stress. Here are some ways you can use them to make teamwork easier!

    Create project groups

    Two words: Less. Meetings. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Rather than having to work around everyone’s schedule, you can start collaborating within a private group that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Post questions and updates so your team is always on the same page, no matter where they’re working from. As the team lead, your workload will also be reduced- it’ll be easy to see exactly where your team is at and suggest changes to their strategy whenever you think of it.

    Find the people and resources you need

    Rather than wandering aimlessly through the office, hoping you’ll come across the product specialist you need, use a Social Intranet directory to identify exactly the person who has the information and expertise you need. Contact them within the portal, or access the contact information they’ve shared to reach them externally.

    In addition to allowing you to look through a list of all employees, your Social Intranet will also allow you to securely store files so that they can be easily accessed by those who need them. Take advantage of cloud file storage to keep all your documents, reports and records in your portal, and search them by keyword or title. It’s much easier than trying to figure out your boss’s crazy filing system!

    Communicate instantaneously

    A Social Intranet is like having your own private social network. It has all the immediacy of social media with none of the security concerns. Tag your teammates in documents they might find valuable, and share updates to foster a sense of community that will last much longer than any project.

    All of these features can also help boost employee engagement by ensuring that your team members feel like they have a say in the project and that their contributions are actually meaningful. Rather than feeling like they’re going nowhere fast and getting frustrated, your team members will be able to move forward with their projects and feel engaged no matter where they’re working.

    Want to try these features for yourself? Come see how Magentrix can help you today!

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