Five Reasons You Need to Overhaul Your Employee Intranet Portal

    Let’s face it, your employee intranet portal is outdated.

    It once stored information employees needed for HR and some projects, but how much are they really using it now?

    It’s common knowledge that the way we communicate has changed. In our personal lives, we’re using online search and social networks to easily find anyone and anything we want. Why can’t it be the same at work? Upgrading your employee intranet portal to take advantage of these technologies can make all the difference - reduction in email, less time needed to find resources, and ultimately an increase in employee satisfaction and a decrease in employee turnover. This carries huge implications for your company.

     overhaul social intranet

    What if your intranet portal could reflect your company, be fully interactive and mobile, make your life easier and keep you in touch with the people you work with, both on a professional and personal level? Intrigued? Take a look at how Magentrix Employee Communities could solve all sorts of issues:

    1. Increased productivity

    With many of the new capabilities, your intranet portal can improve the functionality of the workplace in all areas, both in a practical and an interpersonal sense. Seemingly small changes add up over time and can garner big gains for the brilliant minds that employ them. Consider some features that will make the workday more productive:

    Reduction in Email

    Mounds of email piling into your employees’ inboxes are frustrating and overwhelming. Often these emails are asking repetitive questions or contain contradictory information. To assuage these concerns and reduce miscommunication, your employee intranet portal can provide forums, feeds and other ways of collaborating to replace the tangle of email and keep your employees’ heads above water.


    The rest of the world is going mobile, so your employee intranet portal should too if you want to get ahead! Mobility allows employees to work efficiently across organizational boundaries. Collaboration on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns and projects will be simpler than ever for all employees - especially for the employees who need it most - remote workers and field staff. Connect employees to work efficiently across organizational boundaries. Collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns and projects. Simplify workflows and capture new ideas.

    Centralized Information

    Tired of searching multiple systems for the information you need? When your company information and resources are scattered in different places, it can be incredibly annoying on your employees' worst days, an inconvenience on the best. Your employee intranet portal can bring it all together in one easy-to-access place. Whether it's CRM data, documents, discussion feeds, or simply looking up some information or resource, productivity is improved for everyone when it's all accessible from one location.

    2. Easier communication

    Do you find that searching for important information through your company resources is far more difficult than it should be? Do you often hear that there are problems with communication between peers, departments, lower and higher levels of management? Your portal can utilize top-down, bottom-up, peer-to-peer communication through the use of a searchable members' directory, newsfeed, blogs and an Ideas section where employees can voice their input and solutions. Better yet, you can stay on top of what’s going on at your company for a fraction of the effort. News and important information comes to you without you having to go look for it. Communication is easier than ever, saving time and keeping everyone happy.

    3. Better collaboration

    Does it take forever to organize a meeting everyone can attend? Does it drag on for far too long? Real time isn’t always the best time for everyone to gather and communicate their ideas. Social intranet portals are the new medium for communication through forums, blogs, articles, feeds and the ability to post comments and videos. Does your company lack an area where problems are made known and discussed with all? Communication is now easier than ever through a document repository, articles, blogs, and forums, which allow co-workers to collaborate wherever they are.

    4. Increased employee satisfaction – better for them and for you

    Every employer knows employee turnover is a huge problem. It’s costly, lowers morale and wastes everyone’s time. To decrease your rates of turnover you need to keep your employees happy. Imagine an intranet portal that will increase your employee satisfaction by:

    • Providing them with a place to be social

    • Promoting personal affiliation with the company

    • Increasing the ease of access and navigation through company resources

    • Increasing flexibility for your diverse workforce

    • Improving communication 

    • Reducing frustration


    5. Employees are social - your portal should be too!

    At times it may be difficult to locate or communicate with peers, individuals in other departments, or subject matter experts. A social intranet portal will streamline the process and save your employees much time, frustration and confusion. Additionally a personal/business profile will create a space for them where they can express themselves and project their chosen image. This both increases employee satisfaction and a personal sense of identity, as well as encourages loyalty with the organization and reduces turnover.

    Employees (and employers) can express themselves with a customizable profile where they can:

    • Upload their photo and background picture

    • Post status updates on their profiles

    • Post comments on profiles

    • Follow people and have a following

    • Stay up to date with newsfeeds

    • Post links from YouTube and Vimeo

    • Favorite files, videos and more

    • Receive notifications when someone has posted on their wall, followed them or commented on their post

    So there you have it – five reasons why your intranet employee portal needs an overhaul - increased productivity, easier communication, better collaboration, increased employee satisfaction and a social intranet portal suited to your social employees. The benefits are obvious. When will you be making the transition? Check out our solutions today! 


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